I'm Auston, a game developer who's been making games professionally for over 5 years now. I place my effort in building games that take nothing for granted. When designing, I consider the entire game experience holistically, and how the combined efforts of gameplay, art, and audio come together to provide a satisfying experience. When programming, I make effort to empower my team members and myself with stable and extensible code tailored to the project and those contributing.

I've worked on and shipped titles both independently and on small teams. Although I have the confidence to jump into any aspect of the project as needed, I highly value the diverse input of every team member. I want to encourage all members to feel a sense of ownership and personal value on every project. In turn, when directing any aspect of the game, it's up to me to filter those contributions through the goals of the project and turn that into actionable work. Work that improves quality far beyond what I could have done alone.

I've done some talks where you can see my approach discussed in terms of my work:

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I've also written a few articles related to development, which you can read here:

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photo credit Ivan Notaroš